How the Library can help your students find information

Short Introduction at a first year lecture

A Librarian will deliver a brief introduction to Library services, information skills and support for your students.

Faculty Online tutorials

The Library has created online tutorials which are available at all times – very useful for students when they are actually trying to find information and finish an assignment.

Faculty or School sessions

These classes are a general overview of how to use the Library’s website and how to find good information for assignments. These are advertised via the Library’s Training Calendar.

Student Services

Student Services conduct classes all year to help students with assignment writing, exam preparation and personal development - view their Calendar.  They also have podcasts available through iTunes.

Talk on a specialised topic

A librarian will attend a lecture/class to provide a tailored talk on specialised databases or library services.

Tailored sessions

A librarian will conduct a tailored hands-on training session in a training room e.g. on a specialised database or library services information. If you wish to discuss or arrange a session please contact your Librarian.