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Australian Studies in China

The Australia-China Council (ACC) was established by the Australian Government in 1978 to promote mutual understanding and foster people-to-people relations between Australia and China.

The ACC has a number of programmes including the Australian Studies in China programme. Works sponsored by that program will be published here.

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Queensland Archaeological Research

QAR, is a refereed journal published since 1984 devoted to publishing substantive archaeological material pertaining to research in Queensland, Australia and adjacent areas. Email submissions to sean.ulm@jcu.edu.au.

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Australian Archaeology

This site provides free open access to back issues of Australian Archaeology with the exception of the last 5 years (moving wall). Current issues are available via hard copy subscription to the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. (link above) or online through the Informit e-Library (www.informit.com.au).

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The Sandbox

This is a test journal for people to learn about OJS systems.

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The University of Queensland Working Papers in Linguistics

Linguistics postgraduate working papers in series.

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