The 'Soft Power' of Australia and Its Influence on China- Australian Relations

Zhao Chang


The Soft Power theory is in the maturing process among the academic circles in the world. This thesis tries to deliver the research with theoretical and real analysis on the historical formation of Australian social advantages since 1970s and its expanding international effect with the governmental guidance, make an assessment on the soft power of Australia and its effects on Australian Chinese lives and the contemporary China-Australian relations.
Soft Power theory contributes as a mark stone to the traditional power theories field. This thesis explores the historical background of soft power theory's origin and its development, elaborates the contents of Australian soft power which be researched in my thesis.
The Australian soft power originated from the changing governmental social reforms toward Australia. The opening up society is the main advantages of Australian soft power, Australia reinforce her effect on Asian pacific region by educational export, foreign assistance, civil communication and other ways. This is constructive to her 'regional soft power'.
The thesis focus on the decisive role of Australian governmental policies in the formation of Australian Chinese immigration intentions, their settlement and lives, and Chinese cultural identity: the immigrant policy ensures the quality of Chinese immigrants, and multicultural policy and perfect social welfare system promote Chinese integrated into Australian society. Through the research on APEC, resource diplomatic policy, soft environment and civil aids of Australia, I conclude that the advantages of Australian soft power are a powerful incentive which promotes the development of China-Australian relations. It's necessary for us to cooperate with Australia in many fields, which will contribute to the peaceful rising of China in the world.


Joseph Nye; Soft Power; Australia; International Relations; Australian Chinese

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