The Social Sciences and Humanities Library is located on the St Lucia Campus in Buildings 12 and 12a. It is connected to the Duhig Building (Building 2). Information on transport is available from the University’s Transport Guide. Take a video tour of the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

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Lockers and lockable desks:

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Lockers for postgraduate students and students with disabilities are available on a semester basis. These are drawn lottery-style from the pool of applicants at the beginning of each semester. They are located on Level 3 of the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

Applications for semester one and semester two lockers become available from the Library News on the Library homepage during O-week, and close at the end of week 1. During summer semester, postgraduate students can apply in person for a locker at the Loans desk in the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

Conditions of use for the postgraduate lockers can be read here: Postgraduate lockers conditions of use

Lockable roll top desks are available for postgraduate students on a daily basis. They are located on Level 3 of the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

Bookings can be made in advance by using the Facilities Booking System. Keys can be obtained from the loans desk in the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.


The strengths of the Social Sciences and Humanities Library are in Australian studies, business and economics, English and Australian literature, history and political science, religion, sociology and psychology. Collection strengths are developing in emerging research areas of criminology, communication and media studies, and Islamic studies.

The Book collection is located on Level 3 and Quartos are located on Level 2. Folios are located on Level 2. The journals and reference collection are located on Level 2. Course related textbooks can also be found in the Book Dispensing Machine on Level 1 (loans from BDM are for 24 hours)

Australian Statistics
The Library has a collection of publications issued by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and its predecessors. The collection is shelved on Level 2 and material is not available for loan. Many items are also available electronically, via the Australian Bureau of statistics website.

Curriculum Resources
This is a teaching methods collection of school textbooks and related curriculum items, located on Level 2.

East Asian Collection
This collection contains traditional as well as contemporary literature in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. It is located on Level 2.

Multimedia Collection
The collection covers a wide subject range — including documentaries, training films and feature films in English, European and Asian languages.  Most of the collection is  located on Level 2. Videos and DVDs in this area are available for a loan period of 7 days. There are also some titles available on the general collection shelves.



The external chute of SSAH at the top of the stairs at Campbell Road between Duhig Tower and Social Sciences and Humanities.There are multiple return chutes.  During opening hours the return chute is situated in the wall at the left-hand end of the Membership & Payments Desk.  An After Hours return chute is located on the left of the Level 1 main entrance (locked during Opening Hours).

There is a 24/7 chute, outside the Campbell Road entrance, top of the stairs/walkway over the Library to the right.

Disability support

The Library is wheelchair accessible via the entrance on Level 1. All levels of the library are served by lifts.

There are lockers available for clients with special needs on Level 3 of the Social Sciences and Humanities Library. Computing facilities and desks with priority for clients with special needs are also available. Please contact library staff for further information.

There are three Assistive Technology Rooms located on Level 1 of the Social Sciences Library. 

More information can be found on the Support for Users with Disabilities page.