Manuscript Collection UQFL 84
Guide to the Papers of Oodgeroo Noonuccal


  • Creator: Noonuccal, Oodgeroo, 1920-1993
  • Title: Papers of Oodgeroo Noonuccal
  • Date range: [194-?]- [ca.1985]
  • Reference number: UQFL 84
  • Extent: 57 boxes
  • Repository: The University of Queensland Library, Fryer Library
  • Abstract: Correspondence, literary manuscripts, photographs, newspaper cuttings, speeches, reports, press releases, notes, invitations, programmes, plans.


The numbering system for the boxes in this collection is an interim one.

Biographical Note

Noonuccal, Oodgeroo (1920-1993). "My name is Oodgeroo from the tribe of the Noonuccal, custodian of the land that the white man calls Stradbroke Island and that the Aboriginal people call Minjerriba." (Liz Thompson (ed), Aboriginal Voices: Contemporary Aboriginal Artists, Writers and Performers, 1990, p.154)

Known for most of her life as the writer, painter and political activist, Kath Walker, Oodgeroo in 1988 resumed her traditional name and returned her MBE in protest at the condition of her people in the year of Australia's Bicentenary celebrations. Oodgeroo shared with her father the Dreaming totem the carpet snake (Kabul) and his sense of injustice.


Leaving school at the age of 13, Oodgeroo worked as a domestic servant until 1939,when she volunteered for service in the Australian Women's Army Service. Between 1961 and 1970, Oodgeroo achieved national prominence not only as the Queensland State Secretary of the Council for the Advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (CAATSI), but through her highly popular poetry and writing. With her 1964 collection of verse We Are Going,Oodgeroo became the first published Aboriginal woman. Selling out in three days, We Are Going rivalled the previous record for a publication of Australian verse set in 1916 by C. J. Dennis and his Moods of Ginger Mick.

The Dream Is at Hand (1966) was her second volume of poems. My People (1970) represented verse from the earlier editions as well as new poems, short stories, essays and speeches. Stradbroke Dreamtime was published in 1972. Oodgeroo also wrote a number of children's books - Father Sky and Mother Earth (1981), Little Fella (1986), and The Rainbow Serpent (1988) with her son, Kabul Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Vivian).

Oodgeroo was involved with many Aboriginal rights organisations. These organisations included the National Tribal Council, the Aboriginal Arts Board, the Aboriginal Housing Committee, and the Queensland Aboriginal Advancement League.

Oodgeroo spent her last days on Stradbroke Island where she established a cultural and environmental education centre known as Moongalba (resting-place).

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Personal Names:

  • Noonuccal, Kabul Oodgeroo, 1953 -
  • Walker, Denis
  • Wright, Judith

Corporate Names

  • Jacaranda Press
  • Moongalba


  • Australian Aborigines - Civil rights
  • Australian Aborigines - Queensland - North Stradbroke Island
  • Authors, Australian - 20th century
  • Poets, Australian - 20th century
  • Stradbroke Island - Queensland


  • Authors
  • Poets
  • Political activists

Related Material

Further manuscript material relating to Oodgeroo Noonuccal is held in the University of Queensland Library in the Kathleen Cochrane Collection (UQFL 286)

Series List and Descriptions

Series A: Literary Manuscripts

Box 27

"Time of Transition" by Woona (typescript booklet)

  • "Assimilation--No!"
  • "Integration -- Yes!"
  • "Municipal Gum"
  • "Understand, Old One"
  • "Biami"
  • "Civilization"
  • "Bora"
  • "Sounds Beset me"
  • "The Woor Woman"
  • "Artist Son"
  • "The Child Wife"
  • "The Food Gatherers"
  • "Community Rain Song"
  • "Briefs"

Folder entitled "Unpublished poems and stories for America".

Poems :

  • "Blue Crane"
  • "Mangrove Bird"
  • "Minjerriba"
  • "Butcher Bird"
  • "Moongalba Peacocks"
  • "Credit and Loss"
  • "The Golden Voice"
  • "Oration"
  • "On Trugganner"
  • "Papua New Guinea"
  • "Bluff Mountain"
  • "Little Bean"
  • "Hari Sastra"
  • "Iban Longhouse"
  • "Yussef (Hi-jacker)"
  • "Commonplace"
  • "Exile"
  • "Grey Gum"
  • "Sister Poet"


  • "Wail Rock"
  • "No horses for a month"
  • "Ole Mick"
  • "The Bunyip"
  • "Black Jimmy's Crime"
  • "We Look after our Own"
  • "I feared old Kindarra"

Folder entitled "French Translations of Colloquium Papers" :

  • "Le Crime du Pere Jacquot Le Noir" (incomplete)
  • "Le Racisme"
  • "Le Bunyip"
  • "Banal"
  • "Yussef (Hi-jacker)"
  • "La Civilisation"
  • "Mon Enfant"
  • "Mont Bluff"
  • "Les Droits De L'Aborigine"
  • "Premiere Partie La Nature du Reve" (incomplete)

The Boy who Shot the Kookaburra (typescript playscript)

Folder labelled "Manuscripts submitted to A and R"


Most of these stories were eventually published in Stradbroke Dreamtime

  • "School Days"
  • "Not Our Day"
  • "Interlude"
  • "The Fisherman"
  • "The Hunter"(published as "The Shark")
  • Wher's Mother (published as "Where's Mother")
  • "Beginning of Life"(published as "The Beginning of Life")
  • "Mirrabooka"
  • "Curlew"
  • "Burr-Nong"
  • "Midden" (published as "The Midden")
  • "Dear Boys and Girls" (letter)
  • "Biami and Bunyip"
  • "The Dugong Hunt" (published as "Dugong Coming!")
  • "Going Crabbing"
  • "Stradbroke"
  • "Talwalpin and Kowinka"
  • "Pomera (Banksia)"
  • "Dunwich Stradbroke Island Assimilation of Aborigines"
  • "Edward Ruska"
  • "We three"
  • "The Carpet Snake" (published as "Carpet Snake")
  • "Hello tree" (poem)
  • "Racism" (poem)
  • "Muma's Pet"
  • "The Tail of Pinky Platypus"
  • "Boonah"
  • "Kill to Eat"
  • "The Exercise Book" (published as "Repeat Exercise")
  • "Tuggan-Tuggan"
  • "Wonga and Nudu"
  • "Mai"
  • "Tia-Gam"

Folder entitled "Poems unpublished"

The poems were listed and arranged by Oodgeroo Noonuccal in the following order. Mostly typescript, some handwritten. Many of the poems have several copies.

  • "I'm Not"
  • "Westerlies"
  • "Butcher Bird"
  • "Hari Sastra"
  • "Little Bean"
  • "Oration "
  • "Full Moon"
  • "Mangrove Bird"
  • "Exhausted"
  • "Wedding Song"
  • "Dead Wood"
  • "Hercules"
  • "Child of Two Races"
  • "No Place to Go"
  • "Roebun Lament"
  • "Blue Crane"
  • "Will I?"
  • "Minjerriba"
  • "To a Policeman"
  • "Noises"
  • "Credit and Loss"
  • "Furry Friend"
  • "Can you?"
  • "Lovers Quarrel"
  • "Yussef"
  • "Commonplace"
  • "The Fisherman"
  • "Grey Gum"
  • "Civilised Man"
  • "Sunrise over Stradbroke"
  • "Poets"
  • "Black Prostitute"
  • "Sister Poet"
  • "Iban Long house"

Short stories

  • "The Armada"
  • "Black Jimmy's Crime"
  • "Boonah"
  • "The Bunyip"
  • "The Bush Ranger"
  • "Cookie"
  • "Edward Ruska"
  • "Fantasy in Sepia"
  • "Flight into Tunis"
  • "Gooboora and the Bunyip"
  • "Gubbin and Grasshopper"
  • "Joshua and Roo-Roo"
  • "Judge Not"
  • "Koo-Poo"
  • "Koorie and Boorie"
  • "Lucy McCullock"
  • "The Magic Hour"
  • "No Horses for a Month"
  • "Poetic Justice"
  • "The Rosary Beads"
  • "Swans and Che"
  • "The Tail of Pinky Platypus"
  • "Tiny and Wee"
  • "The Turtle"
  • "The Unhappy Golliwog"
  • "We look after out Own"
  • "What the Seagulls told me"

Folder labelled "Children's stories finished"

  • "Che"
  • "Gubbin and the Grasshopper"
  • "Joshua and Roo-Roo"
  • "Tail of Platypus"

Photocopies of poems

  • "Papua New Guinea"
  • "We look after our own"
  • Copies of pp.1-39 from My People


Note : Poems arranged alphabetically by title, with untitled poems at the end.

  • Aboriginal Charter of Rights
  • "Balance"
  • "The Black Commandments"
  • "Bluff Mountain"
  • "The Boomerang"
  • "The Bunyip"
  • "Civilization"
  • "Dawn"
  • "Dead Life"
  • "The Masterpiece"
  • "Death of a Bunya Pine"
  • "Dim Lit Street"
  • "Exile"
  • "Film Man"
  • "First Love"
  • "The Fisherman"
  • "For Llwelyn"
  • "Forbidden Love"
  • "The Golden Voice"
  • "Hello tree"
  • "Justice" (written on the back of booklet, Information for your visit to Rome)
  • "Lament of the Dead"
  • "Life gets Teadjous"
  • "Lost Love (for Bill)" (with attached poem, "Bill")
  • "Mia Filo"
  • "Minjerriba"
  • "Moongalba Night"
  • "Moongalba Peacocks"
  • "Not my Style"
  • "Oh ancient city of Kano"
  • "Oh Truganner"
  • "Oration"
  • "Peacocks"
  • "Racism"
  • "Return to Nature"
  • "Sammy Sparrow"
  • "Sister Poet"
  • "Son of Son of Mine" (with attached poem, "Son of Mine")
  • "A Song of Hope"
  • "Spinners"
  • "Spring is"
  • "The Storm"
  • "Sunrise"
  • "Time is Running out"
  • "We are Going"
  • "Who stole his pride"
  • "Yussef (Hijacker )" (original manuscript written on British Airways waste disposal bag) with attached poem, "Commonplace")

Folder labelled "Unpublished plays and stories"

  • "Bora Initiation"
  • "You can't trust no-one no-how"
  • "Tea Party Review"
  • "Tail of Platypus"
  • "Police"
  • "Playabout Corroboree"
  • "Old Mick"
  • "Civilised Savages"

Stories and a play (bound typescript)

  • "The Rosary beads"
  • "Ole Mick"
  • "No Horses for a Month"
  • "Polly Anne Lou"
  • "Skid Row"
  • "Black Jimmy's Crime"
  • "The Boarders"
  • "The Photo"
  • "Obsession"
  • "Making the Grade"
  • "The Colour Question"
  • "The Man-Hunt, a Play"

Boxes 28 - 29

  • "Manhunt : one act play " (exercise book, handwritten)
  • "Prose" (exercise book, handwritten)
  • "The Play that never was" (booklet, typescript playscript)
  • "What the Seagulls told me" and "The Grey Gum Story" (exercise book, handwritten)
  • "Koaril" and "Coopee" (writing booklet, handwritten)
  • "Where's Mother?," "Muma's Pet," "Not our Day," and "Boonah" (exercise book, handwritten)
  • Notebook containing short stories (handwritten)
  • Large notebook containing poems, short stories, and "Speech to Seminar on Aboriginal Rights 7/8 May 1971." (handwritten)
  • Two notebooks containing Aboriginal words (handwritten)
  • Folder containing various handwritten notes, including curriculum vitae for Oodgeroo

Box 30

Speeches and reports

  • Report beginning, "The conference was held at Lennox Head from 26th to 28th May, 1961.."
  • Speech at conference, Advancement of Aboriginal League and University of New England, 26/28 May 1961, Lennox Head
  • "The Future of Aboriginal Groups : Report of Conference held at Grafton 22.9.61 to 24.9.61"
  • "Report of Conference held at Grafton 22.9.61 to 24.9.61 ; The Future of Aboriginal Groups"
  • "Report on the History of Aboriginal Organisations : Brisbane, Queensland, 7 July 1963"
  • "The Following is a Report covering what I consider must be done, in the interest of Aboriginals and Islanders in Queensland, 13.7.64"
  • "Speech delivered by Mrs. K. Walker's State Secretary Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 5 September 1964"
  • "Speech to Brisbane Rotary Club, Lennons Hotel, October 20th 1964"
  • "Aborigines : the Forgotten People : Anthropology and Sociology Society Conference, 22/23 April 1967"
  • "Political Rights for Aborigines ; presented to the Easter Conference of F.C.A.A.T.S.I. 5 April, 1969"
  • "Report to the Australian Council of Churches on the World Council of Churches Consultation on Racism held in London 19 May 1969"
  • "White Racism and White Violence, June 1969"
  • "Coalition of Black and White Australians, July 1969"
  • "Black Australians : Speech delivered to the Journalist Club, Sydney 16 Sept. 1969"
  • "How well off are Aborigines in Modern Day Australia : Speech delivered to Pius XII Seminary, Banyo, 21 March 1970"
  • "Oration : presented to the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, for use in the oration Parliament House, Canberra, Friday 27 March 1970"
  • "Australians in the years A.C. (After Cook) : An Aborigine's Point of View, 20th Sept.1970"
  • "More Contemporary Poets Speak/An Aboriginal Legend" (ABC Radio script, 6 April 1973)
  • "Aboriginal Literature. 22 May 1973"
  • "Identity : Melbourne FAW SAA Seminar 5/6 Oct. 1973"
  • "Report of Malaysian Visit, August 1974"
  • "Aborigines Today, June 1975"
  • "Aboriginal Women's Role in Society , 1976"
  • Transcript of Interview : Hazel de Berg with Oodgeroo, 10 March 1976
  • "Opening Speech, Papua New Guinea, Workshop July 1/ 4 , 1976"
  • "Re 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts, Lagos, February 1977"
  • "The Aboriginal Contribution to Australian Literature : Speech delivered to Monash University 7 June 1977"
  • Speech at National Aboriginal Conference, 3 April 1978
  • Statement by Oodgeroo at Wynum District Dunwich Station, 12 August 1979
  • "Black and White Power in Queensland : An Open Letter to the People of Australia"
  • "Black Literature"
  • "Community Rain Song" (poem)
  • "The Ethnic Problem in Australia"
  • "Federal Council Aboriginal Advancement : Situation of Aboriginal and Islanders in Queensland"
  • "International Women's Day : re Equality, Development and Peace"
  • Poem beginning, "We at the Jungai Summer School"
  • "Political Rights for Aborigines"
  • "Powerless Australians"
  • "Re Aboriginal Voting in Queensland : an Aborigines Point of View"
  • "Recommendation to World Council of Churches"
  • Speech beginning, "As I have travelled throughout the world.."
  • Speech beginning, "I grew up on Stradbroke Island.."
  • Transcript beginning, "Mrs Kathleen Jean Mary Walker, of 19 Myrtle Street, Buranda, Brisbane, appeared before the Committee and was examined as under.."
  • "20th Century Aborigines"
  • "Writers of Aboriginal Descent in Australia"

Box 35

  • Folder of papers relating to film, Shadow Sister.
    The film, Shadow Sister, was produced in 1977 by Frank Heimans. It is a film about Moongalba, made with Judith Wright and Oodgeroo Noonuccal. The title derives from Judith Wright's lines in her poem, "Two Dreamtimes", written for Oodgeroo: 'We are shadow sisters'.
  • Correspondence, media releases, publicity material, reservation forms for screening, reviews. 1975-1978.

Box 52

  • Photocopies of works by Oodgeroo.
  • Notes for a lecture on Moreton Island (handwritten).

Box 56

  • "Opening speech to the Second National Aboriginal Writers held in Melbourne 21 November 1983" (typescript).
  • "Teachers" (poem, typescript)

Series B: Correspondence

This collection contains a large amount of incoming correspondence. The correspondence covers the broad range of Oodgeroo Noonuccal's activities and interests. It covers her activities as a writer and guest speaker. There is a considerable amount of correspondence from Aboriginal organisations, government departments and politicians. The bulk of the correspondence is in the 1970s and 1980s.

There are approximately 11 boxes of correspondence. The extent of the correspondence is difficult to estimate because correspondence is scattered in various files throughout the collection. The correspondence is mostly incoming letters. There is only a small amount of outgoing letters.

Within the current arrangement of the collection, there are some boxes only containing correspondence. However correspondence is also contained in subject related files kept by Oodgeroo. In some instances, Oodgeroo Noonuccal clipped her reply to the copy of the incoming letter. These replies have been kept with the incoming letter.

There are letters from Oodgeroo's publishers, requests from community and educational organisations to participate in events, readings and academic programs. There are also letters from various literary organisations.

Another large section of the correspondence is with government departments and a number of politicians.

Letters from numerous Aboriginal organisations can be located in the correspondence files as well as in the subject related folders.

Other letters and greeting cards are from friends and supporters. Letters from children, high school and tertiary students and teachers form another large section of the correspondence.

For the purposes of this finding aid, no container locations have been given for the correspondence. An in-house interim guide to the papers can be used to locate particular items.

A partial name list of correspondents has been produced. See correspondence list in the Appendix

Series C: Newspaper Cuttings

Box 2b(i)

Cuttings, 1978 - 1979 - Folder marked "Uranium"

Issues of Campaign Against Nuclear Power Newsletter

No.40 Oct. 1978, 41 Nov. 1978, 42 Dec. 1978, 44 Feb. 1979, 45 Mar. 1979, 46 Apr. 1979, 50 Aug. 1977 [misprint]

Box 2b(ii)

Cuttings, 1978

  • Undated article from the Brisbane Courier Mail regarding sentencing of Denis Walker.
  • Photocopies (2) of article from Bundaberg News-Mail, 29 Sept. 1978 regarding church aid to Aborigines.
  • Article by Bobbi Sykes Where Are the Black Heroes? from The National Times week ending Jun. 17 1978

Box 2b(iii)

Cuttings, 1961 - 1972

  • One diary with 11 pages of newspaper cuttings regarding Oodgeroo's activities in promoting Aboriginal rights (rest of diary is empty), 1961 - 1972
  • One photograph album (half full) of newspaper cuttings regarding Oodgeroo's activities in promoting Aboriginal rights, with one article about her son Vivian Walker (1971). Articles are either dated 1966 or 1971
  • One photograph album with six pages of newspaper cuttings regarding Oodgeroo's activities in promoting Aboriginal rights, 1961 - 1967

Box 36

Cuttings, 1935 - 1983

Newspaper cuttings about early Dunwich on Stradbroke Island. Most of the newspaper cuttings feature Oodgeroo's statements/photographs of her lobbying for improvements regarding human and civil rights for Australian Aborigines in education, housing, welfare, recognition and self determination. Some newspaper cuttings about Moongalba and Oodgeroo's struggle to establish Moongalba and keep it going.

Box 51

Cuttings, 1976 - 1981

Most newspaper cuttings feature articles about statements made by Oodgeroo regarding the Aboriginal cause. Some biographical articles, the Aboriginal Charter of Rights, written by Oodgeroo, in the journal Planet No 2.
Two articles featuring Oodgeroo's son Denis Walker.

Box 56

Cuttings, 1939 - 1985

  • One school exercise book of newspaper cuttings featuring Oodgeroo. Articles about her political statements with miscellaneous articles about other Aborigines, and about the poor living conditions, education and welfare of Aborigines throughout Australia.
  • One folder of newspaper cuttings, many undated, on various subjects related to Aboriginal civil and human rights. These articles primarily feature Oodgeroo during various times and her statements regarding Aboriginal civil and human rights.
  • Some articles on other Aboriginal activists.

Series D: Photographs

  • Unsorted photographs of Oodgeroo Noonuccal, her family and friends.
    Images of Oodgeroo from her youth to her later years. Mainly black and white prints; includes some slides.
    (Box 14)
  • Album of colour photographs, possibly Oodgeroo's relations, [197-?]
    (Box 15)
  • Album of colour and black and white photographs of various people at Moongalba, 1973. Photographs are captioned.
    (Box 15)
  • Album entitled "Moongalba, May, 1974-". Colour photographs of various people at Moongalba, 1974-1975. Photographs are captioned.
    (Box 15)
  • Album of black and white snapshots of Oodgeroo as a young woman, her family and friends. [194-?] - [195-?] Some captions.
    (Box 16)
  • Tin box containing unsorted black and white snapshots , and some colour photographs, showing Oodgeroo as a young woman; also unidentified images, probably of Oodgeroo's family and friends.
    (Box 16)

Series E: Papers relating to Stradbroke Island / Moongalba

The papers in this series relate to Oodgeroo's involvement in Stradbroke Island issues in general, and also more specifically to Moongalba on Stradbroke Island.

Stradbroke Island, where Oodgeroo Noonuccal was born and spent much of her life, is in Moreton Bay, off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland. It has been home for many years to the Noonuccal people, who call the island Minjerriba. The papers relating to Stradbroke Island reflect Oodgeroo's involvement in issues such as opposition to sand-mining on the island, and opposition to a proposed bridge connecting Stradbroke Island with the mainland.

Moongalba was established by Oodgeroo as a cultural education centre in 1971 . It was visited extensively by school children, as well as teachers, students, academics, writers and others. Oodgeroo was initially granted a twenty-five year lease to the land by the Redland Shire Council; this was later extended to her lifetime. However, she was never granted legal title to the land, despite the support of many influential people. In 1979 Oodgeroo prepared a submission to the federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs, requesting financial assistance and support in obtaining title to the land. Her application was never answered.

Box 2b(i)

  • Amity Progress Association. "A pilot survey of attitudes on North Stradbroke Island to the proposal to construct a bridge to link the island and the mainland" (typescript).
    Mar. 1978
  • Folder labelled "Moongalba", containing drawings of Moongalba and legal agreement between Oodgeroo and Shire of Redland Council, 1972.

Box 3(i)

Moongalba diaries:

  • 1972-1976
  • 1977-1978

Folders labelled:

  • "For the anti-bridge committee"
  • "Nth Stradbroke Island"
  • "Burr-Nong Centre"
  • "North Stradbroke"

"Moongalba : a film proposal " by Helen Boyd. Ist draft. (typescript)

"Donations book Moongalba"

Moongalba guestbook

"Moongalba diary 1978" (Moongalba guest book)

Blandford, P.W. Netmaking for Seamen, Yachtsmen, Boy Scouts and Others. Glasgow : Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1941. Stamped Moongalba Museum Art Gallery.

Box 29
Folder of correspondence relating to Moongalba

  • Submission to Redland Shire Council for lease of land. 1971. (typescript)
  • "Submission to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs re the Moongalba Project" (typescript)
  • "Specification for Moongalba ; National Aboriginal Cultural and Training Centre, Stradbroke Island Queensland" (typescript)
  • Folder of papers (mainly correspondence) relating to Moongalba. 1974
  • Paper presented by Mr. Ken Colbung of Western Australia to national seminar on Aboriginal art, A.N.U. Canberra, A.C.T. for proposed plan of Aboriginal Cultural College Complex 80 miles north of Perth : report on the use of Mogumber Training Centre by Aboriginal Cultural Enterprises Society (Inc.)
  • Department of Children's Services. "Commonwealth Government Assistance for school holiday care programs". (typescript)
  • Lease agreement for Moongalba (typescript)
  • Corkhill, Bert, S.V.D. "Cross-cultural work with Aborigines : experiment at Stradbroke Island Jan. 1976" (typescript)
  • Maccormick, James C., Architect. "A submission to the Commonwealth of Australia , Department of Aboriginal Affairs : the National Aboriginal Centre" (typescript, with 2 sketch drawings of proposed Moongalba centre, by John Kershaw, Architect). Also "Florries place and the beach at Dunwich" (handwritten)
  • Folder labelled "Historical documents "

Folder of correspondence relating to Moongalba:

  • Incoming correspondence, 1977-1978
  • Outgoing correspondence, 1971-1978
  • Copies of official correspondence, 1973-1978
  • Katrina Smith : Outgoing correspondence, 1973-1979
  • Katrina Smith : Incoming correspondence, 1977-1978
  • Various correspondents writing in support of Moongalba project, 1975-1978

Box 35

Australian Broadcasting Commission documentary, Stradbroke Dreamtime", broadcast on 7 and 9 Feb. 1977

Letter, Australian Broadcasting Commission 21 Dec. 1976 about broadcast dates. Notes on documentary crew. Shooting Schedule

Papers and reports relating to Stradbroke Island 1975 - 1979 :

  • Stradbroke Island Symposium" edited by N. C. Stevens and R. Monroe. Published by The Royal Society of Queensland 1975
  • Stradbroke Island assignment by Jeannette Covacevich and Mary Maher, with a list of literature cited and a photographic outline of the threats to the value of Stradbroke Island No date [but bibliography cites work published up until 1976]
  • Names and addresses of members of the Stradbroke Island Management Organisation Committee
  • Constitution of the Stradbroke Island Management Organisation Committee [attached] Ballad of the Bridge by Oodgeroo
  • Petition to Honourable R. J. Hinze, Minister for Local Government and Main Roads, from North Stradbroke Island Executive Council, asking him to initiate an Environmental Impact Study before deciding about a bridge to the island 20 Dec. 1977
  • Announcement that the Annual General Meeting of the Stradbroke Island Management Organisation will be held on 17 Jun. 1979 3 May 1979
  • From secretary of Stradbroke Island Management Organisation to Oodgeroo telling her of a committee meeting on 1 Dec. 1979 16 Nov. 1979
  • Report of activities by Stradbroke Island Management Organisation Nov. 1979
  • Circular letter: Is a bridge to Stradbroke necessary?
  • A pilot survey of attitudes on North Stradbroke Island to the proposal to construct a bridge March 1978

Box 52
One folder of papers : includes plans and timetables for students, work by children, and papers relating to the setting up of the cultural centre

Box 60

Papers relating to proposed sand mining on North Stradbroke Island, and objections made to it by Oodgeroo Noonuccal and others. Includes transcripts and other documents from the Mining Warden's Court, Brisbane, 1984. All papers are photocopies.

Parcel 62

Architectural drawings for Moongalba

Box 38

  • Curriculum Vitae of Kath Walker, Managing Director of the Moongalba Noonuccal-Nughie Education and Cultural Centre, 1978.
  • Moongalba rubber stamp
  • Receipt book, 1972 - 1974

Series F: Papers relating to overseas trips


Fifth Conference of Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (ACLALS), 3-8 Jan. 1980, at University of South Pacific, Suva, Fiji. Abstracts, programmes
(Box 20)


Oodgeroo was the Australian delegate at the International Writers' Conference (Hari Sasra) in Malaysia, 1974.
Correspondence between Department of Foreign Affairs and Australian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur; newspaper cuttings, report by Oodgeroo on the conference, menu, postcards, brochures, invitations.
(Box 20)

New Zealand
Oodgeroo Noonuccal toured New Zealand between 1 Sept. - 16 Oct. 1972 under the auspices of the Citizens' Association for Racial Equality.
Contains itinerary for visit to Dunedin, Certificate of Appreciation from Lions Club of Dunedin South, a 1972 diary containing names and addresses of New Zealand people (otherwise diary is blank), poster for Oodgeroo's New Zealand tour, and correspondence between Oodgeroo and J C Nacola and Noel Parsloe (4 letters); also copies of the New Zealand Methodist" 21 Sept 1972, Salient 21 Sept 1972, Craccum 14 Sept 1972, Unispac volume 5, number 4 containing articles about Oodgeroo and Aboriginal rights; various publications collected during the visit.
(Box 26)

Nigeria, 1974 - 1977
In 1974 Oodgeroo attended a meeting in Nigeria as a member of the steering committeee for the 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture. On her return flight, the BOAC plane she was travelling on was hijacked in Dubai. The hijack lasted some days, and one passenger was killed.
Political problems in Nigeria caused the festival to be postponed for some years, but it was finally staged as "Festac '77" in Lagos in January, 1977. Oodgeroo was present as an Australian delegate and senior advisor.

  • Documents with the logo of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs (Box 18)
  • Correspondence incoming, meeting agendas, minutes and reports for the Nigerian Co-ordinating Committee of the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture. (Box 18)
  • Reports from Africa, Brazil, United Kingdom and Ireland from other member groups outlining preparations and status on progress towards the festival (Box 18)
  • 3 copies of contract between Oodgeroo and The Elizabethan Theatre Trust (30 Dec. 1976) to present papers and assist in organisation of the Australian contingent to the festival (Box 18)
  • Itineraries and quotations for proposed group travel to Nigeria with general background information about Africa from ACTU World Travel (Box 18)
  • Aboriginal Theatre Foundation - correspondence with Department of Aboriginal Affairs and interim reports regarding costings and budget for dancers, musicians and song men for trip to festival (Box 18)
  • One advertising blurb for Australia regarding Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture.(Box 18)
  • Programmes, invitations, relating to meeting of the International Committee of 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture, 1974. (Box 19)
  • Papers relating to hijack of BOAC plane Oodgeroo was travelling on in November 1974. (Box 19)
  • Tickets, invitations, brochures, programmes, report by Oodgeroo about festival to Australia Council, souvenirs, 1977. (Box 19)

North America

Oodgeroo Noonuccal toured North America in late 1978 and early 1979 as a Fulbright Scholar. She was Poet-in-Residence at Bloomsbury State College. She spoke at a number of other Universities, including the University of California, Berkeley and the Institute of American Indian Arts, New Mexico.

Visit to North America as a Fulbright Scholar 1978 - 1979.

Letters of appreciation, photographs, postcards, programme for speaking engagements, various university publications.
(Box 2b(i), Box 4, Box 45)

  • Report on Fulbright Scholarship by Oodgeroo (Box 4)
  • Correspondence 1978 - 1979 about the Scholarship and from North American contacts (Box 4, Box 45)
  • Travel documents and maps (Box 4, Box 45)
  • Newspaper Clippings (Box 4, Box 45)

Publications by North American writers and other miscellaneous publications collected during the trip. (Box 4, Box 45)

Papua New Guinea

Oodgeroo Noonuccal attended the Third Nuigini Arts Festival with the Yirrkala Aboriginal dancers in 1973. She presented poetry readings and spoke about Aboriginal literature. At the 1976 Writers' Conference, she presented a keynote address. A copy of her speech is included.

Visit to Papua New Guinea as a participant in the Third Nuigini Arts Festival (1973) and the First Independent Papua New Guinea Writers' Conference (1976). (Box 17)

Contains correspondence, programmes and itineraries, speech for 1976 conference, tourist and airline documents and publications collected during the visits. (Box 17)

Series G: Subject Files

The collection contains many items collected by Oodgeroo relating to her involvement in numerous organisations and issues. These files generally contain a variety of materials such as leaflets, newsletters, minutes of meetings, and reports of activities.

These subject related files can be categorised as:

  • Literary and cultural organisations and issues
  • Aboriginal and political organisations and issues
  • Other organisations and issues

The literary and cultural organisations and issues material includes files and ephemera from the following organisations:

  • Aboriginal and Islander Culture and Performing Arts Training Programme
  • Association for the Study of Australian Literature
  • Australia Council
  • Australia Council. Aboriginal Arts Board
  • Australian Book Publishers Association
  • Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Conference, August 1984 (Oodgeroo Noonuccal presented a paper on significant landscapes in the history of Aborigines, with special reference to Stradbroke Island)
  • Australian Society of Authors
  • Conference on Inter-Cultural Education, Toowoomba 1978
  • Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Queensland
  • Poets Union of Australia
  • Queensland Arts Conference, Brisbane May 1978
  • South Pacific Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies
  • Woollah Project, Kewdale, Victoria - a community-based alternative curriculum for special needs urban Aboriginal children

The Aboriginal and political organisations and issues material includes two large folders relating to Aboriginal rights groups, mostly from the 1970s. Another folder contains material about Aboriginal health and education. Another large folder contains various anti-uranium, peace and nuclear disarmament leaflets and ephemera. In addition, the collection includes material from the following organisations:

  • Aboriginal and Islanders Tribal Council, Brisbane
  • Aboriginal Development Commission
  • Aboriginal Land Fund Commission
  • Abschol
  • Act Confrontation Campaign (Denis Walker was co-ordinator)
  • Australian Democrats
  • Australian Labor Party
  • Communist Party of Australia
  • Council for Aboriginal Affairs
  • Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action
  • Joh must go rally
  • Multicultural Task Force
  • National Aboriginal Conference elections
  • National Aboriginal Education Committee
  • National Tribal Council
  • National Women's Advisory Council
  • Say No to Expo88
  • Social Education Materials Project (SEMP)

Other organisation files include:

  • Brisbane Wildlife Survey
  • Bluebird Amateur Softball Club

Series H: Art Works

This series includes sketchbooks and loose sketches by Oodgeroo Noonuccal. These sketches are in pencil, felt pen and crayon.
There is also a book of sketches drawn by her son, Vivian Walker.
Other material includes:

  • Award Certificate from the Stradbroke Island Flower Show and Fete, 1971 to Mrs K. Walker for the art section.
  • Sketch of Oodgeroo Noonuccal by Bev Gapps. 1977
  • Material relating to exhibitions in 1981 at the Brisbane Community Arts Centre Noosa Gallery
  • Invitations to a preview of an exhibition of artwork and fabric design by Oodgeroo Noonuccal held at the Brisbane Community Arts Centre, June - July 1981
  • List of names and addresses of people invited to the preview of the exhibition
  • List of expenses incurred during the exhibition at the Brisbane Community Arts Centre exhibition and list of exhibits
  • Catalogue of paintings by Oodgeroo Noonuccal, organised by the Noosa Gallery Society

Series I: Miscellaneous

  • Address books
  • Invitations
  • Itineraries for travel within Australia
  • One Scarf
  • Notebooks containing aboriginal words and rhyming words

Programmes and exhibition catalogues
These include:

  • Adelaide Festival 1982
  • Aboriginal bark paintings, Tiwi poles and carvings and Yirrkala carvings
  • Exhibition, Realities Gallery, Toorak, Melbourne. Nov - Dec 1980
  • Australian Book Week. November 1968
  • Arts in Canberra. No date
  • Brisbane Line, a ritual trance-walk. Dec. 1980
  • Bush Dance, Ahepa Hall, West End, Brisbane.
  • CIAE Library Opening Celebrations. Seminar on Australian Literature
  • Country and Eastern Bush Convention, Nimbin. (Oodgeroo Noonuccal read poetry at the convention) 1978
  • Dreamtime Show - presented by Toni McRae and Royce Edwards.
  • "I'll be in that : a history of the Trade Unions in Australia" by Anne Harvey.
  • Salamanca Theatre Hobart
  • Mackay Art Society Artists and Art 81 - a competitive art exhibition. 1981
  • National Aboriginal and Islanders Week. 1979
  • Poems by Candlelight, Incinerator Theatre, Ipswich
  • Snyder, Gary. List of readings by Gary Snyder and Nanao Sakaki
  • Voice Print programmes at the Ensemble Theatre, Sydney. 1978 - 1979
  • Warana Writers Weekend and Film Workshop 1980 programme
  • Warana Writers Weekend and Film Workshop 1981 programme
  • Women and the Media brochure. Sept. 1981
  • Women's Radio National Conference - Women and the Media, 18 - 20 Sept. 1981. Queensland Institute of Technology, Brisbane.

The collection contains a small amount of financial records. These include payment advice slips, royalty payment slips, group certificates. There are also some shopping account books and various domestic accounts. 1970s - 1980s.


2 EA
4 BWQ Ltd.
4 EB
Aboriginal Action
Aboriginal Aged Persons Homes Trust
Aboriginal and Islander Community Health Service Brisbane Ltd.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation (Q.E.A) for Legal Services
Aboriginal Artists Agency Incorporated
Aboriginal Arts and Crafts
Aboriginal Development Commission (Charles Perkins)
Aboriginal Hostels Ltd.
Aboriginal Loans Commission
Aboriginal Publications Foundation Incorporated
Aboriginal Treaty Committee (Brisbane)
Aboriginal Treaty Committee (Canberra)
Aborigines Advancement League Victoria
Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service
Absolon, Elsie
Adam-Smith, Patsy
Adelaide Festival of Arts Inc.
Alback, Lona
Alexander, Ron
Alldridge, C.
Allen & Unwin
Allen, C.
Allen, Deidre
Allen, R.
Allington, Rev. Doug
American Express
Anand, J.H.
Anand, Mulk Raj
Andrewes, Sally
Andrews, Diane
Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn
Anglican Ministry to Aborigines and Islanders of Central Queensland
Angus and Robertson
Ansett Airlines of Australia
Apmira Festival Committee
Armidale Association for Aborigines
Armitage, Betty
Arthur, Cheryl
Ashburner, Margaret Mary
Association for Commonwealth Literature and Languages Studies
Australia Council (includes Aboriginal Arts Board, Community Arts Board, Literature Board and Public Lending Right Committee)
Australia. Commissioner Community Relations (The Hon. A.J. Grassby)
Australia. Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs
Australia. Dept. of Education
Australia. Dept. of Foreign Affairs
Australia. Dept. of Home Affairs and Environment
Australia. Dept. of Social Security
Australia. Dept. of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Australia. Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Australia. Dept. of Repatriation
Australia. Office of the Public Service Board
Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Government Members Aboriginal Affairs Committee
Australian Authors Fund
Australian Board of Missions
Australian Broadcasting Commission
Australian Council of Churches
Australian Ethnic Affairs Council
Australian Heritage Australian National University. Centre for Continuing Education
Australian Illustrated Features
Australian Labor Party
Australian Literary Society
Australian National Anthem Quest
Australian National Playwrights Conference
Bailey, Marie
Baker, K.
Ball, Betty
Bandler, Faith
Bapu Mamoos
Barker Conlon and Ferrett Pty. Ltd.
Barrington, Margaret
Bartlett, Kevin
Bass, Ray
Batchelor College
Battersby, Jean
Baumann, M.
Beier, Ulli
Belfrage, Jane
Ben Cropp Productions Pty. Ltd.
Ben, Marvin
Benet, Rosemary
Bennett, Stephanie
Berends, Peter
Beston, John
Betonte, Anthony & Hilde
Betut, Anthony
Bilitaki, Semi Kalisinu
Bishop, Isobel
Bishop, Rebecca
Blackman, Barbara
Blackman, Dickie
Blanco, Sylvia
Blond Pty. Ltd.
Bohlenz, Paul
Bonner, Chapman
Bonner, Neville, Senator
Boomer, Carth
Borey, R.
Borey, Sylvan
Bourne, Kevin
Bowden, Kerry
Bowen, Sally
Boyd, Helen
Bradshaw, Desley
Brand, Jessie
Bratchford, Bernice
Brenan, Margaret
Brinsmead, Hesba
Brisbane Community Arts Centre
Brisbane Esperanto Society
Brisbane History Teachers Association
Brisbane Independent School Society
Brisbane Migrant Resource Centre
Brisbane Wildlife Survey
Brown, Helen
Brown, Kim
Brown, Thelma
Bullion Publications
Bulsey, R.W.
Bundaberg and District Aboriginal and Islanders Housing and Advancement Society
Bundy, Katie
Burnside High School
Buskermolen, Vicki
Buzacott, William
Bwherton, Helda
Cameron, Kerrie
Camm, R.E.
Camp Jungai Co-Operative Ltd.
Camp, Kay
Campaign Against Nuclear Power
Campaign Against Racial Exploitation, National Office
Campbell, David
Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education
Carclew Youth Performing Arts Centre Inc.
Carmichael, Ray
Carrigan, Stephanie
Carson, Robina
Carter, Sylvia
Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
Cato Norman, Nancy
Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Inc.
Centre for Resources and Environmental Studies
Chadwick, P.W.J.
Channel Seven
Chauhan, P.S.
Children of the Green Earth Committee (Luci Bucknell)
Children's Book Council
Christian Brother's College Toowoomba
Christian Science Monitor
Christopher, Ross
Cinetel Productions
Circle Films
Citizens for Democracy
City of Gold Coast, Mayor's Office
Clarke, Joanne
Clarke, Manning
Coastal Services on the Great Barrier Reef
Coleman, Judi and Michael
Coles, Ivor
Colleer Macmillan Pty. Ltd.
Collett, Robyn
Collins Pty. Ltd.
Collins, William Pty. Ltd.
Coltheart, Lenore
Committee to Boycott the Games
Commonwealth Literary Fund
Commonwealth Trading Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Writer's Week
Community Arts Network of Queensland
Community Fund Five
Community Youth Support Scheme
Compost, Elizabeth
Concerned Aborigines Committee
Conway, Josephine
Cooke, Jenny
Coolwell, B.
Coombs, H.C.
Cooms, Frank
Copyright Agency Ltd.
Corkhill, Albert J.
Council for Civil Liberties
Council of Adult Education
Courtenay, Kim
Cousens, Robyn
Cowburn, Jan
Crane, Gina
Crawy, Susan
Cressey, David
Cripac Press
Cromer, Isobel
Cross, Karen
Cross, Manfred
Crutts, Sheila
Cuddihy, Delene
Cullen, Ron
Cunningham, D.K.
Curriculum Development Centre
Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education (Peter Wicks, Andrew Ellermann, Co-ordinators of the Aboriginal Studies course)
Darwin Community College
Davidson, J.H.
Davis, Dorothy
Davis, Jack
Davis, Joan
Davis, Merida
de Rome, Nell
DeDeurwaeder, Ira
DeDeurwaerder, C.A.
Degens, Pat
Delaney, B.
Dell, Jennie
Devaney, Jim
Dexter, Barrie
Dickson, Bruce
Diesendorf, Margaret
Dodson, Patrick
Dove Communications
Drake, Mollie
Dugan, Teddy
Duncan, Alan
Duncan, Beatrice
Duncan, Donna
Dunn, Rodger
Dunston, Graeme
Dunwich Kindergarten Association
Dunwich State School Parents and Citizens Association
Durbridge, Ellie
Dysart State School Secondary Department
Edol, Michael
Education Centre for Whyalla and Region
Eggleston, Elizabeth
English Association of Australia
English Association of Queensland
Entwhistle, Christine
ESA Women International (Beenleigh)
Evans, Patricia
Everingham, Doug
Everingham, William J
Ewing Gallery, University of Melbourne
Eyles, Rhonda
Fabian, Suzanne
Fair Play
Farrell, Maureen
Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders
Fellowship of Australian Writers
Fellowship of Australian Writers (Victoria)
Festival '82 (Maureen Freer, Ken Goodwin)
Festival Music Pty. Ltd.
Field Educational Enterprises of Australasia Pty. Ltd.
Fielding, David
File, Ed
Finney, Eve
Finnimore, Phil
Fisher, Betty
Fisher, Fedora
Fitzgerald State School, Mackay
Fitzgerald, Deanne
Fitzgerald, James
Fodora, Katarina
Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research (Ltd.)
Fox, Len
Franks, John
Fraser Island Butchulla Committee
Fritz, Vicki
Fulton, Douglas G.
Gale, Jem
Galea, Lori
Gauvin, Dorothy
Gavranic, Tom
Gemes, Judo
George, Ruth
Gibben, Len
Gibson, Elsie
Gilder, Ken
Gillan, Peter
Gillette, Lynette
Girl's Friendly Society
Godden, Anne
Goebel, Jan and Maree
Good, Catherine
Goold, Sally
Gorman, J.
Grant, Don
Grassby, A.J. See Australian Commissioner for Community Relations
Green, Dorothy
Grey, Lex
Gribling, Becky
Haielstad, Ron
Hall, Clare
Hamilton, Isabelle
Hansen, Dorothy
Hanson, Susan
Hardino, Marian
Harris, Carol
Harris, Cliff
Harris, Fred
Harrison, Maude E.
Harsant, W.B.L.
Harvey, Annette
Haydock, Adrain
Heffernan, Ruth
Heinemann Educational Australia Pty. Ltd.
Henderson, Don
Hepburn, Anne
Hergenhan, Laurie
Herron, Betty
Hickey, Bernard
Hicks, Daphne
Hill, R.S.
Hills, Lois Loftus
Hilt, Merriel
Hilton International - Natural Health Products
Hodder and Stoughton (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
Holt, Lillian
Horswill, Mary
Hosking, Norman
Houbein, Lolo
Hughes, Jackie
Humanist Society of Queensland
Hunter, Jenny
Huxley, Bill and Mavis
Hyland House Publishing Pty. Ltd.
Identity (Aboriginal Publications Foundation Inc.)
Imhoff, Pat
Inala Family Education Centre
Inartly, Kathleen
Indigenous Peoples Trust of Queensland
Innes, Pam
Innovations New Exchange
Institute of Cultural Affairs
Institute of Modern Art
Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies
International Authors and Writers Who's Who
International Women's Day Committee
International Year of the Child
Isaacs, Jenny
Italia Gallery
Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School
Jacaranda Press
Jackemen, Alick o Mule
Jackonaos, Alick
Jago, David
James Cook University of North Queensland. Department of English
Jefferies, Tony
Jerman, Frieda
Jermer, Margaret
Jerrems, Carol
Johnson, Colin
Johnson, Doreen
Johnson, Peta
Jones, Billy
Jones, Clem
Jones, Pam
Kagan, Kay
Kaljee, Ruth
Kallah, Eileen
Keefe, Jim, Senator
Keesing, Nancy
Kelly, Gerard
Kelvin Grove College of Advanced Education
Kendal, Peter
Kengma, Peter
Kennish, Peg
Killen, D.J.
Kimber, Barbara
Kingston State School
King-Turner, Rossi
Kitching, Beverley
Knowles, Judith
Kohr, Anna
Koppe, M.
Kreffl, Frank
Kurilpa Childrens Activities
Lahiff, Patrick
Lane, Terry
Last, James
Lauer, Margaret
Laurentia, M.
Law Reform Commission
Lawerence, Garth
Leech, F.B.
Lehane, Jean
Levett, Wendy
Life Be In It
Lifetime Associates Pty. Ltd.
Ling, Marcia
Lions Club Stradbroke Island
Lippmann, Lorna (Monash University)
Lockwood, John
Long, Gwyn
Longman Cheshire
Longman Paul Ltd.
Loreto Convent
Lousens, Robyn
Lox, Carole
Ludrovic, Katrina
Lythall, Mary
McCart, Greg
MacDonald, Molly
McDonaugh, -
Macgugan, Grace
McIvor, Dominic
Mackay City Council
Mackay, Betty
McLean, Jenny
Macmillan Company of Australia
McNair, Lyndy
McNally, -
McNally, Ward
McNeill, Colin
McPaul, Muriel
McPhee Gribble
McRae, Tom
McRae, Toni and Royce, Edwards
Madden, Judith
Maddock, B.
Madgwick, Dorothy
Maher, Mary
Mahoney, Jill
Main, Marion
Mandemakei, Mildred
Mann, Tomasina
Mannix, Greg
Marchisotti, Daisy
Marlan, John
Marshall, Billy
Marshall, Paul
Mason, Win
Matthews, Hazel
Matthews, Strafford
Mayers, Jean
Maynard, Brent
Meanjin - see Davidson, J.H.
Melanore, Sue
Melbourne State College
Melnikor, Anatoly
Mercantile Mutual Life Insurance Company Limited
Miles, Helen
Mind, Body and Healing Festival
Mitchell, Bill
Monaghan, Anna
Monash University
Monash University (Lorna Lippmann, Gloria Moore)
Monk, Sylvia
Montsalvat Poets Festival
Mooney, Monica
Mooney, R.
Moore, Celia
Moore, Gloria (Monash University)
Moore, Ray
Moreno, Sandy
Moreton Island Protection Committee
Morgan, Arlene
Morgan, Eric
Morgan, Mal
Moss, Beverley
Mount Gravatt College of Advanced Education
Mudi, Ian
Mulholland, Una
Muller, Vivienne
Multi-Cultural Task Force
Murray, Gary
Murrell, Gordon
Murrin Bridge Human Development Project
Murwullimbah Evening U.I.E.W.
Myer Foundation
Myer Queensland Stores Ltd.
Nacola, Jo
Nation Review
National Aboriginal Conference
National Aboriginal Consultative Committee
National Aboriginal Education Committee
National Aboriginal Sports Foundation
National Aborigines' Day Observance Committee
National Advisory Committee for International Women's Year
National Campaign for Land Rights and Self-Management in Queensland
National Conference for a Democratic Constitution
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.
National Library of Australia
National Times
National Women's Advisory Committee
National Women's Christian Temperance Union of Australia
Nelson (Australia) Ltd.
Nelson, D.
Nemil Theatre Group
Newton, Nellie
Nicholas, Royce
Nicholas, Toby
Nicolson, Deborah
Nindethana Theatre
Noosa District High School
Noosa Gallery Society
Norman, Nancy. See Cato Norman, Nancy
North Brisbane College of Advanced Education
North Coast Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education
Oakerfall, Elizabeth
Ochi, Michio
Onoge, Atsuko
Orange Festival of Arts
Orr, D.A.
Ovenden, Barrie
Overseas Service Bureau
Oxford University Press
Parker, G.E.
Parker, Joyce
Parratt, Anne
Parrott, Grace
Patten, Peter
Pavlen, Helen
Pavlovick, Libby
Payne Road Grade 7B
Pearson, Mary
Pellizzer, Marina
Penell, Karen
Penguin Books
Perkins, Mou
Perks, Carmel
Perry, Lisa
Peterson, Bunny
Pettigrew, Elsie
Philip Bacon Galleries
Phillips, Peter
Pike, Max
Pitjantjatjara Appeal
Pledger, Mavis
Plummer, Betty
Plummer, Maree
Poad, Doug
Poignant, Axel
Ponton, F.A.
Popular Theatre Troupe
Poulter, Barabara
Power, Mike
Prideaux, David
Priory, Helen
Purdon, Patricia
Purse, Kathy
Quattroccki, Maua
Queensland Art Gallery
Queensland Board of Adult Education
Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Queensland. Day Committee
Queensland. Dept. of Education
Queensland. Dept. of Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement
Queensland. Dept. of Children's Services
Queensland. Dept. of Education
Queensland. Dept. of Mines and Energy
Queensland. Dept. of the Premier
Queensland Film and Drama Centre
Queensland Institute of Technology
Queensland Women's Electoral League, Clayfield-Hamilton
Querrwell, Audrey
Ramsay, Nan
Reader's Digest
Redcliffe City Council
Redlands Shire Council
Redlands Women's Softball Association
Reilly, Brian
Reinwald, Carl
Relationships Community Development Centre
Relaxation Centre
Richards & Co. Solicitors
Richards, Paul
Richmond Community Education Centre
Richmond Tweed Regional Library
Rigby Ltd.
Rigney, Janice
Riverside Studios
Robertson, Gail
Rocca, Eileen
Rodriguez, Janina
Rogers, Me
Rose, Monica
Rosewood State School
Ross, Enid
Rosser, Bill
Rotary Club of Surfers Paradise
Rotary Club of West Toowoomba
Rothenberg, Jerome
Rovener, Smokey
Rovner, Martha and Smokey
Royal Australian College of Medical Administrators
Royal Society of Queensland
Rushworth, Livia
Ryan, Desley
Ryan, Heather
Ryan, Lyndall
Ryan, Paul
Ryan, S. Laurie
Ryan, Senator Susan
St Ann's College
St Frances Xavier's School
St Joseph's School
St Laurence's College
Saint Margaret's School, Ascot, Qld.
Salamanca Theatre Co.
Salisbury College of Advanced Education
Salt, Irene
Salter, Gladys
Sarra, Norma
Saunders, Peggy
Saunders, Reg
Schwabe, Hans
Schwenke, Julianne
Scott, Bill
Screen Gems (Australia) Productions Pty. Ltd.
Seed, John
Self, Winifred
Sensini, Roland
Shapcott, Margaret
Shapcott, Tom
Sheavs, Joan
Shelley, Reg
Shepa, Geoffrey
Sheppard, Barbara
Sheppard, Peter
Shera, Geoff
Sherwood, Stuart
Shoemaker, Adam
Shoemark, E.J.
Shree Media Productions (Ross Shiels)
Simms, Colin
Simon, Jon & Maree
Simpson, Maureen
Sisters Publishing
Skee, Sonia
Smith, Bernie
Smith, C.
Smith, Katrina
Smith, M.
Smith, T.
Smout, Ruth
Social Alternatives
Social Education Materials Project
Soiven, Claire
South Coast May Day Committee
South Head Press
South Pacific Association for Commonwealth Literature and Languages Studies
Southall, Patricia
Southern Tablelands Educational Libraries Association
Stafford, Julia
Stevens, Frank
Stockwell, Gert
Stoetzer, Ivy
Stokes, Horace, M.
Stokes, I.F.
Stokes, John
Strachan, Carolyn
Stradbroke Island Management Organisation
Strong, Ron
Struthers, Karen
Stubbs, Jenny
Students Association Council (Deakin)
Sublett, John A.
Sunshine Art Gallery
Sunshine Coast Newspaper Co.
Sutton, Bill
Sutton, Philip
Syron, Brian
T.S.I. Dancing Co. Pty. Ltd.
Talking Pictures
Tarry, Jean
Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Inc.
Tawali, Kumalau
Taylor, Andrew
Taylor, Don
The English Association of Queensland (Brisbane Branch)
Thomes, Bob
Threlfall, Val
Throssell, Harry
Thwaites, Michael
Tiffin, Chris
Tilt, Bob
Timms, Laura
Torrens College of Advanced Education
Townsville Movement Against Uranium Mining
Townsville Women's Shelter
Trad, Lynette
Traynor, Pat
Triumph of the Nomads: a nomad films international production
Trudgian, C.S.
Truscott & Co.
Turner-Jones, Jan
Twemlow, Irene
Union of Australian Women
United Nations Association of Australia
United States. Dept. of the Interior
United Telecasters Sydney
University of Maryland. English Department
University of Papua New Guinea. (Taban Lo Liyong, Chairman, Literature Department)
University of Queensland
University of Queensland Press
University of Queensland Union
University of Queensland. Fryer Library
University of Western Australia. Adult Education
Valadian, Margaret
Vallance, Claire
Verlag Lambert Schneider
Vesey, Meghan
Victoria. Dept of Education. Curriculum Branch
Victoria. Dept. of Education
Victorian Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
Victorian Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and Camp Jungai Co-operative Ltd Tertiary Entrance Summer School
Vincent, Alfred
Viner, R.I.
Vivian, Cynthia
Vogt, Murray and Leena
Walker, Vivian
Wallace, Gloria
Wallmer, A.
Walters, Ross
Wandjina Appeal
Warana Festival
Warana Writers Weekend and Film Festival
Warburton, J.W.
Watts, Betty
Watts, Eileen
Watts, Margaret
Webb, E.
Weer, Greg
Wells, Rev. E.A.
Wentworth, William C.
Wesley Central Mission
Western Travel Service
Westman, Walt
Wharton, Jane
Whiley, Peg
White, Deane
White, Julie
White, Phyllis
Who's Who of Australian Women
Wigham, Frank
Wignell, Edna
Wilkins, Mike
Williams, Heather
Williams, Mary
Williams, Sue
Willie, Rolf
Wills, Nancy (Communist Arts Group)
Wilson, L.G.
Wilson, Lorraine
Wilson, Ted and Ann
Windsor State School
Women of the Year Luncheon
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. U.S. Section
Wondall Heights State Primary School
Wood, Beverly
Woodman, Helga
Woods, Doris
Woodward, Amy
World Environment Week Committee
World Literature Today
World Who's Who of Authors
Worrall, Simon
Wovllett, Laurelle
Wright, Amy
Wright, Judith
Wright, June & Cliff
Wright, Miriam
Y.M.C.A. Brisbane
Yannucelle, Karen
Yiperinya School Council
Yitak, Yosef
Young Aboriginal Movement
Younger, A.
Zimmerman, Hans-Joachim
Zonta International

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