This is a list of the Flint Papers Boxes which contain materials relating to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander languages or to varieties of English spoken by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people

Abbreviations used:
\dn document number
\fl Flint log indentification
\loc location of recording
\lloc traditional location of language speakers

Box 4
\dn 4.009.01: English; Aboriginal English; Pidgin English; Kanaka English. \loc ?Borroloola
\dn 4.009.02: Aboriginal English, Garawa, Yanyula; \fl R354A,B; \fl R355A; \loc Doomadgee Mission
\dn 4.014: (Speech Survey Equipment 111)
\dn 4.015: Aboriginal languages, QSS; data on group nos 1-348 and tapes R1-R348

Box 6
\dn 6.021: English, ?Aboriginal English, Gugu-Yalangi, Gugu-Yalanji; Gp.266; \loc Bloomfield River
\dn 6.022: English, ?Aboriginal English, Gugu-Yalangi, Gugu-Yalanji; Gp.266; \loc Bloomfield River
\dn 6.026: English, Gugu-Yalangi, Gugu-Yalanji, ?Gugu Nyvagu, Gugu Nyungu; Gp. 270; \loc Bloomfield River
\dn 6.027: ?English, Koko-Jibida, Kalali; Gp.271; \loc Laura
\dn 6.029: English, Koko Warru, Yabbagoola (Abbagoola); Gp.273; \loc Laura Aboriginal Camp
\dn 6.031: English, Aboriginal language; Gp.275; \loc Kalinga Station, Coen
\dn 6.032: English, Aboriginal English; Gp.276(i-vii); \loc Coen State School
\dn 6.033.01: English, Lumbulum, Koko-Jimida, Olkolo, Wulgulu, Guugu-Yimidhirr, Olgolo; Gp.277; \loc Coen Aboriginal Camp
\dn 6.033.03: Aboriginal English, Munken, Munkan, Wik-Munkan; Gp.279; \loc Coen; \lloc Aurukun
\dn 6.033.05: English, pidgin; Gp.281; \loc Bamboo Station, Coen
\dn 6.034: English, ?Aboriginal English, Koko-Jimoda, Guugu-Yimidhirr, Pidgin; Gp.282; \loc Hopevale Mission School; \lloc Cooktown
\dn 6.037: English, Motu, Pidgin, New Guinea; Gp.285 i-iv; \loc Teacher’s College, Port Moresby, New Guinea
\dn 6.038: Chimbus, Goroka, New Guinea; Gp.286; \loc Goroka Junior High School, New Guinea
\dn 6.039: Kanaka; Gp.287; \loc Buderim
\dn 6.040: Kanaka, Kanaka English, Italian English; \resr: Kanaka contact language and history; Gp.289; \loc Ayr
\dn 6.042: corroborees, Yarrabah, songs, dances; Gp.292; \loc Yarrabah
\dn 6.043: English, Aboriginal English; Gp.293; \loc Yarrabah State School, Yarrabah Aboriginal Settlement
\dn 6.044: Yiddinji, Yidiny; Gp.294; \loc Yarrabah Aboriginal Settlement
\dn 6.045: English, Aboriginal English; Gp.295; \loc Normanton State School
\dn 6.046: Kurtjar, Kukatj, Aurukun; Gp. 296; \loc Normanton Aboriginal Reserve; \lloc Kurtjar spoken north of the Norman River, Kukatji spoken west of Normanton
\dn 6.047: Garawa; Gp.297; \loc Doomadgee Mission
\dn 6.049: Wanyi; Gp.299; \loc Doomadgee Mission
\dn 6.050: English, ?Aboriginal English [are these Aboriginal children?]; Gp.300; \loc Doomadgee Mission School
\dn 6.052: Garawa, Yanyula, Yanyuwa, Gangaleta, Idinji; Gp. 302; \loc Burketown; \lloc Mrs. Harrison is from Boorooloola. Gangaleta is the language of Burketown, Yanyula is spoken in Boorooloola, Garawa in 'an area contiguous to Yanyula centred at Boorooloola (see linguistic survey for area of Garuwa and of Idinji)'
\dn 6.053: English, Pidgin, Torres Strait, Saibai, Mabuiag; Gp.303; \loc Bamaga State School
\dn 6.054: English, Torres Strait, Mabuiag, Pidgin; Gp.304, Gp.305; \loc St. Paul’s Anglican Mission, Moa Is.
\dn 6.055: English, Pidgin; Gp.306; \loc Cowal Creek Aboriginal School
\dn 6.056: Gugadji, Kukatj; Gp. 307; \loc Normanton Aboriginal Reserve
\dn 6.057: English, Aboriginal Language, Aboriginal English Gp.321; \loc Chillagoe State School
\dn 6.059: English, Koko-Bera, Koko Mindjen, Kundjen; Gp. 323; \loc Mitchell River Mission School
\dn 6.060: English, Munkan, Tyore, Thaayorre; Gp. 324; \loc Edward River Mission
\dn 6.061: English, Munkan; Gp. 325; \loc Aurukun Mission
\dn 6.062: English, Aboriginal English, Pidgin; Gp. 326; \loc Weipa Mission
\dn 6.063: English, Aboriginal Language [unspecified?], Aboriginal English; Gp. 327; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement
\dn 6.065: Waka-Waka, Gunggari; Gp. 329; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc ?Springsure
\dn 6.066: Gundu Munding [?]; Gp. 330; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Mt Playfield
\dn 6.067: English, Gunggari, Koko-Bujun; Gp. 331, 332 (a); \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Willie Rookwood (b.1890 at Coogoon Station near Roma), Koko-Bujun: Upper Bloomfield River
\dn 6.068: Koko Bujun, Koko Bujunji, corroboree; Gp. 332 (a)(b); \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Upper Bloomfield river

Box 7
\dn 7.036: English, Aboriginal English; Gp.192; \loc Cherbourg
\dn 7.037: English, Aboriginal English, unspecified Aboriginal language(s) (Possibly Djiru and Koko Imudji (Guugu Yimithirr), according to AIATSIS list of tapes); Gp.193; \loc Palm Island

Box 8
\dn 8.042: Aboriginal English; Gp.142; \loc Cherbourg State School
\dn 8.044: Aboriginal English; Gp. 144; \loc Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement

Box 10
\dn 10.001: Creole, Pidgin; (A Sociological survey of the Creole Languages and Trade Jargons); \lloc Solomon Islands, Santa Cruz Islands, Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Torres Strait, northern Australia
\dn 10.008: Ngalkbun, Ngalkbon; (Workpapers of SIL-AAB Series A, Volume 1; phonemic description of Ngalkbun, spoken at Bamyili, N.T., part of literacy programme); \loc Darwin; \lloc Bamyili
\dn 10.010.01: Yiddindji, Idindji; Gps. 291, 292, 294; \loc Yarrabah Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Green Hill, Gordonvale areas; "from the Murray Prior Range west to Pyramid Mt. and south to Saltwater Ck."
\dn 10.010.02:
\dn 10.010.03:
\dn 10.011.01:Waka-Waka, Waga-waga, QSS; Gp. 329; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement
\dn 10.011.02: Gundu-Munding [?], QSS; Gp. 330; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc not recorded/ ?Mount Playfield
\dn 10.011.03: Gunggari, Gungari, QSS; Gp. 331; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement
\dn 10.011.04: Koko Bujun, Koko Bujundji, Gugu Bujundji; Gp. 332; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement
\dn 10.012: English, Aboriginal English; Gp. 293; \loc Yarrabah State School, Yarrabah Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Yarrabah-Cairns
\dn 10.013: Aboriginal English, Munkan, Munken, Munggan; Gp.279; \loc Coen; \lloc Cape York
\dn 10.014: Gugu Yalangi, Gugu Yalanji, Gugu Nyungu; Gp. 270; \loc Bloomfield River
\dn 10.015: Koko Bujun, Gugu Bujundji; Gp. 332; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Upper Bloomfield River
\dn 10.016: Gunggari, Gungari, QSS; Gp.331; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Central southern Queensland
\dn 10.017: Gundu Munding [?]; Gp.330; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Mt Playfield
\dn 10.018: Waka Waka, Waga-waga; Gp. 329; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Springsure, SE Queensland
\dn 10.019: QSS; ( Reference list of items used for elicitation from Dr. Capell’s Questionnaire. Numbered 1-577)
\dn 10.020: Gugadji, Kukatj, ?QSS; Gp. 307; \loc Normanton Aboriginal Reserve

Box 11
\dn 11.001: Gugu-Yalanji language and culture (Summer Institute of Linguistics.); \loc Bloomfield River, North Qld.
\dn 11.002: Gugu-Yalanji (Summer Institute of Linguistics); \loc Bloomfield River, North Queensland
\dn 11.006: QSS; (Queensland Speech Survey lecture notes and attachments)
\dn 11.007: QSS; (QSS Observation Procedures, Recording Procedure and Group Conversation Topics)

Box 14
\dn 14.001.01: Gugu Yimidjir, Guugu Yimithirr [part of QSS?]; \loc not recorded
\dn 14.001.02: Gogo Yimidjir, Guugu Yimithirr, Biriga; \loc not recorded
\dn 14.002: Gangaleta, Ganggalida; \loc Doomadgee
\dn 14.003.01: Garawa, [?QSS]; Gp. 297; \loc Doomadgee Mission
\dn 14.003.02: Garawa, Yanyula, Gangaleta, Ganggalida, Bahasa Indonesia, Yiddinji, Idindji; Gr. 302; \loc Burketown
\dn 14.004: Kurtchar, Kurtjar, Kukatj; Gp. 296; \loc Normanton Aboriginal Reserve; \lloc Normanton area. Kurtchar: North of Normanton River; Kukatj: West of Normanton River
\dn 14.005.01-03: Gunggari, Kungkari, corroboree songs; [no Gp. no.?]\loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement
\dn 14.005.04: Waka-Waka, Waga-waga, Gunggari, Kungkari; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement
\dn 14.006: Wanyi, QSS; Gp.299; \loc Doomadgee Mission; \lloc South of Nicholson River and East of Barkley River, at Lawn Hill
\dn 14.007.01: Phonetics, Australian Aboriginal languages; (Linguistic Materials for Fieldworkers in Australia, pp.1-8. Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (AIAS) )
\dn 14.009: Gupapuyngu; No gp. no.?; \loc not recorded; \lloc East Arnhem Land
\dn 14.010.01: Aboriginal English; \loc Palm Island; (Linguistic article in journal by Dutton)
\dn 14.010.02: Kanaka contact language/Kanaka English, Torres Strait English; ?Gps. 304, 305?\loc Nambour-Buderim area; Thursday Island; Moa Island (Banks Island); - Dutton
\dn 14.010.03: QSS; (tabulated information on recordings of gp. 282-295 and 303-311)
\dn 14.011: Wik-Munkan; \lloc Archer River area, Cape York Peninsula; (publication by Barbara Sayers)
\dn 14.012: Torres Strait Islander English, Pidgin English; ?\fl R303A-C, R304A-E, R305, R306A-B, R307A-B, R308; \loc North Queensland: Bamaga, Moa Island, Thursday Island, Cowal Creek, Normanton - T.E. Dutton, notes

Box 15
\dn 15.001: Kopapengo/Kupapengo/Gobabingo/Gobabwingo; \loc not recorded; ?Gove Peninsula or Arnhem Land area; \lloc not recorded [check this - \lloc Arnehm Land rather than \loc]
\dn 15.002.01: Kopapengo/ Kupapengo/Gobabwingo/Gobabingo;
\dn 15.003: Dr. Capell’s Questionnaire, Yiddindji
\dn 15.005: Yiddinji (Yiddindji), Khunganji (Khunggandji), Four-Mile, Djabugai (Yabukai/Tjapukai) Kulai; Gps. 291,292,294; \loc Yarrabah Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Yarrabah-Cairns
\dn 15.006: Yiddinji/Yiddindji, Jiddi/Yidi/Idin, Four-Mile, Djabugai, Khunganji/Khunggandji tribe, Koloi/Goloi, Yokanji tribe, Kunggai/Khunggai, Yirkai, Kantju/Gandju; \lg Yiddinji (Yiddindji); Gps. 291,292,294; \loc Yarrabah Aboriginal Settlement; \lloc Yarrabah-Cairns. Yiddindji traditionally spoken in Green Hill and Gordonvale areas, according to informant
\dn 15.007: Pitjantjatjara, literacy; \loc Amata School, South Australia
\dn 15.008: a map of the Aboriginal languages of Australia - O'Grady, Wurm and Hale
\dn 15.009: Gogo Yimidjir/ Guugu Yimidhirr; [ - Gp. number?]; \loc Hopevale Mission
\dn 15.010: Kopapengo/ Kupapengo/ Gobabingo/Gobabwingo; \loc ?University of Queensland
\dn 15.011: Aboriginal culture; Assimilation; Education; Language Textbooks; (Academic papers)
\dn 15.012.01: Djabu/Djapu;
\dn 15.012.02: Kopapengo/Kupapengo/Gobabingo/Gobabwingo, Yulngu/Yolngo languages, Murngic languages;
\dn 15.012.03: Kopapengo/Kupapengo/Gobabingo/Gobabwingo; \loc ?University of Queensland
\dn 15.012.04: Kopapengo/Kupapengo/Gobabingo/Gobabwingo; \loc ?University of Queensland
\dn 15.012.05: phonetics; Aboriginal language; \lg not recorded
\dn 15.012.06: Yolngu languages, Kopapengo/ Kupapengo/ Gobabingo/ Gobabwingo/ Kopa-Bingo
\dn 15.012.07+08: Yolngu languages,?Kopapengo/Kupapengo /Gobabingo /Gobabwingo
\dn 15.012.09: Yolngu languages, ?Kopapengo/Kupapengo /Gobabingo /Gobabwingo; \loc ?University of Queensland
\dn 15.013.01: Gupapuyngu, Gupapuingu, Gumatj dialect, Elcho, Milingimbi
\dn 15.013.02: Gupapuyngu, Gupapuingu, Bible translation
\dn 15.013.03: Gupapuyngu, Gupapuingu, Bible translation
\dn 15.013.04: Gupapuyngu, Gupapuingu
\dn 15.014: Yolngu, Kopapengo;

Box 16
\dn 16.001: Yolngu language, Gupapuingu, Gumatj; (course outline)
\dn 16.002.01: Gupapuyngu (?Beulah Lowe)
\dn 16.002.02: Gupapuyngu
\dn 16.003.01: Yolngu language, Kopa-Bingo, ?Gumatj (course material)
\dn 16.003.02: Yolngu language, Gupapuingo, Gumatj; \loc Milingimbi; ?University of Queensland; \lloc Arnhem Land
\dn 16.003.03: AIAS; Kewa (?Polynesian)
\dn 16.004.01: Gupapuyngu, Yolngu language (?Beulah Lowe); \lloc Arnhem Land
\dn 16.004.02: Aboriginal language (pamphlet from AIAS)
\dn 16.005.01: Yolngu language; Gupapuyngu; Bible translation
\dn 16.005.02: Bible translation
\dn 16.005.03: Yolngu language; Gupapuyngu (?Beulah Lowe)
\dn 16.005.04: Yolngu language; Gupapuyngu (?Beulah Lowe - ?Flint)
\dn 16.006.01: Aboriginal language, orthography
\dn 16.006.02: Aboriginal language, orthograpy, literacy
\dn 16.006.03: Aboriginal language, Gympie dialect
\dn 16.007: [ - any gp. numbers? - QSS?]; Yolngu language, ?Gumatj; \lloc Yirrkala, N.T.
\dn 16.008: Yolngu language; Kupa-Pengo; \loc ?University of Queensland; \lloc Arnhem Land

Box 17
\dn 17.008: Qld. Speech Survey; (speaker logs for QSS)
\dn 17.009: Qld Speech Survey; (speaker logs of QSS)

Box 18
\dn 18.003: English, Aboriginal English, Dunwich tribal language; Gp. 64; \loc Dunwich; \lloc South East Queensland
\dn 18.004: English, Aboriginal English, ? Aboriginal language?; Gp.65

Box 19
\dn 19.001: Aboriginal languages, Aboriginal English, Pidgin English, Australian English, German; (listing of group+tape nos. from Q.S.S.)
\dn 19.002.01: Kanaka contact language; Pidgin; \loc +\lloc Nambour-Buderim area; Ayr District (Dutton)
\dn 19.002.02: Pidgin English, Torres Strait Creole; part of Q.S.S. [Gp. number?]; \loc + \lloc Thursday Island, Torres Strait
\dn 19.002.03: Kanaka English; Pidgin English; \loc + \lloc Moa Island, Torres Strait

Box 21
\dn 21.003 English and Norfolk Is. , Aboriginal languages, Aboriginal pidgins & creoles QSS

Box 22
\dn 22.006: English, Gugu-Yalangi; Gp.266; \loc Bloomfield River
\dn 22.010: English, Koko-Jibida, Kalali; Gp.271; \loc Laura
\dn 22.011: English, Koko Warru, Yabbagoola; Gps. 272, 273; \locLaura Aboriginal Camp
\dn 22.014: English, Aboriginal English, QSS; Gp.276; \loc Coen State School
\dn 22.015: English, Lumbulum, Koko-Jimida, Olkolo(=Wulgulu), Aboriginal English and Munken; Gp.277,278,279,280,281; \loc Coen and Coen Aboriginal Camp; Yarraden Station; Bamboo Station, Coen; \lloc Aurukun
\dn 22.016: English and Koko-Jimoda; Gp.282; \loc Hopevale Mission School; \lloc Cooktown
\dn 22.024: English, Aboriginal English; Gp.321; \loc Chillagoe State School
\dn 22.026: English and Koko-Bera, Koko Mindjen, Kundjen; Gp. 323; \loc Mitchell River Mission School
\dn 22.027: English, Munkan, Tyore; Gp. 324; \loc Edward River Mission
\dn 22.028: English and Munkan; Gp. 325; \loc Aurukun Mission
\dn 22.029: English, [Aboriginal English?]; Gp. 326; \loc Weipa Mission
\dn 22.030: English, Aboriginal Language, [Aboriginal English?]; Gp. 327; \loc Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement

Box 23
\dn 23.001: English, Aboriginal English of South East Queensland, Stradbroke Island stories; Gp. 64; \loc Dunwich; \lloc South East Queensland
\dn 23.002: English, Aboriginal English, Aboriginal language?, QSS; Gp.65; \loc Dunwich, State Primary School; \lloc  South East Queensland
\dn 23.003: Aboriginal English, QSS; Gp.142; \loc Cherbourg State School
\dn 23.004: Aboriginal English, QSS; Gp. 144; \loc Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement, via Murgon
\dn 23.005: Aboriginal languages, QSS; ?Gp 159; \loc Western Australia
\dn 23.006.01: QSS, Aboriginal language studies
\dn 23.006.02: QSS, Aboriginal language studies
\dn 23.006.03: QSS, Aboriginal language studies
\dn 23.006.04: QSS, Aboriginal language studies, English, Australian languages
\dn 23.006.05: QSS - methods

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