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Data sharing - is it worth it?

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The 2007 paper by Heather Piwowar "Sharing Detailed Research Data Is Associated with Increased Citation Rate" posited that data sharing would help boost a researcher's profile.

A new paper by Edwin A. Henneken and Alberto Accomazzi from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory backs up these claims. In an examination of 3814 articles with data links and 7218 articles without, the authors found the articles with links to data were cited 20% more frequently over a 10-year period than the ones without.

In addition to boosting researcher profiles, data sharing benefits the "public good".

A publication based on a data set is just one expression of the potential of that data set ... However, there are many other representations. The scientific community would also benefit greatly from the ability to combine a data set with other available data sets. Also, having data available publicly would greatly facilitate the verification of claims (Fischer & Zigmond (2010).

The paper was presented at a special session, The Literature-Data Connection: Meaning, Infrastructure and Impact of the 218th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society (Boston, May 2011).