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"Mapping Our World" at the National Library of Australia … and maps in the UQ Library

The National Library of Australia has recently launched a new exhibition, Mapping Out World : Terra Incognita to Australia which provides a never before seen glimpse into the world's cartographic history.

Highlights of the exhibition include the magnificent Fra Mauro Map of the World; the remarkable Boke of Idrography presented to Henry VIII; an intricate world map by the Benedictine monk Andreas Walsperger (1448); a fifteenth-century Ptolemy manuscript; magnificent and controversial 'Dieppe' charts; one of only four surviving copies of Mercator's groundbreaking 1569 projection, and original manuscript charts by Pacific navigators including Louis de Freycinet, James Cook and Matthew Flinders.

The National Library of Australia has a map collection of over 600,000 maps from early European charts to current mapping of Australia.

Just like the National Library of Australia, the University of Queensland Library also has a map collection. Though not as large as the National Library's, UQ Library's map collection still contains well over 34,000 cartographic items held across its 15 branches. UQ Library's map collection includes series of topographic, geophysical, geological, mineralogical and cadastral maps, general reference maps and atlases.

How do you find the map that you need for your research and study? There is a handy Maps "How-to" guide available from the UQ Library which explains exactly how you can best track down the map you need.