Data Sharing and Ebola Virus

Researchers from the Sabeti Lab at Harvard University and the Broad Institute, have released open access datasets of viral sequences of Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.  Now, further demographic metadata associated with those patients has been released openly by researchers at Tulane University. 

NATURE opens the door with free-to-read articles

Black and white Nature logo sketch

On 2 December the Nature Publishing Group  announced a 1 year pilot program where they will make all their articles free to view. While the articles will be available for anyone to read, they cannot be copied, printed or downloaded. Nature will make its archive of papers from 49 journals (including Nature Genetics, Nature Physics and Nature Medicine), free by way of read-only links available to subscribers and major news outlets.

Gates Foundation announces Open Access Policy

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a new Open Access Policy that requires free, unrestricted access and reuse of all peer-reviewed published research that the foundation funds, including any underlying data sets. Whilst the policy will take effect from January 1, 2015, a 2 year transition period will occur, allowing publishers to apply for a 12 month embargo period on the accessibility of the publication and its data sets.

Digital Libraries + Hybridity: An Interview with Clifford Wulfman

Digital Library

In a recent interview posted on dh+lib, Clifford Wulfman talks to Roxanne Shirazi about his background in both literature and computer science, the future of digital collections and of course, DH.  Clifford Wulfman is the Coordinator of Library Digital Initiatives at the Firestone Library at Princeton University and consultant to Princeton’s new Centre for Digital Huma

UQ Earth Science/Geology Papers 1937-1978 on UQ eSpace

UQ eSpace is the single authoritative source for the research outputs of the staff and students of the University of Queensland and raises the visibility and accessibility of UQ publications to the wider world through services such as Google Scholar. A recent addition to UQ eSpace are the University of Queensland Papers Department of Geology.

Guide to Publishing and Sharing Sensitive Data

There has been a growing movement towards sharing your research data and making it accessible to other researchers. But what if you have collected sensitive or confidential data?

The Royal Society celebrates Open Access Week.

To celebrate Open Access Week, all content of the journals published by The Royal Society will be free to access from Monday 20 October until Sunday 26 October. The Royal Society publishes two fully open access journals -  Royal Society Open Science and Open Biology - whilst their other journals offer open access options.

Beautiful Data

With art museums making both their imagery and collections data open and accessible, a question arises: what to do with it all?


DH2015: Global Digital Humanities

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) has published a call for proposals for the 2015 conference on the theme of "global digital humanities". The conference will be held from June 29 - July 3, 2015 in Sydney.

Presentation types include: 

Open Science Journal Launch

The Royal Society's new open access journal Royal Society Open Science launches today, publishing high quality original research across science, engineering and mathematics.

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